Knickers (Phil don't read this!)

I have become obsessed with knickers. As the wedding draws ever nearer (7 months to go -eek!), my thoughts have been turning to the phrase 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'.
I'm going to paint my toenails blue I think, but I'd like to be a bit more inventive than that so when I saw these fairy knickers I fell in love. I think they might be a bit small though. I also quite like these too, although they don't look all that supportive -especially now I have an 'apron' belly post c section. I saw a pair of gorgeous silky knickers in one of my 5 million 'complete waste of money but I keep buying them' bridal magazines which are adorable. They were embroidered on the back with 'Mrs [insert new surname]'. They cost £60 though, so I might buy a cheaper pair from Marks' and do a bit of sewing. I think Phil might like to see 'Mrs Walsh' written on the back of my knickers. What to do, eh?


Clare said...

I LOVE those fairy knickers, they are super cute!

I'm the same with Baby magazines, I know they're too expensive and not telling me anything I don't know but I still buy them like I need them.

Princess Boo said...

yes, it's terrible isn't it? Especially when we know they're just glorified catalogues that you pay for really!

Sally said...

i still have my blue nail polish left from my wedding, so that could be something borrowed AND something blue :D xx

Rosie said...

i have a serious addiction to knickers, and those fairy ones are so cute!
i have drawers and drawers of underwear and still dont think i have enough ^_^
Rosie xo